Ms. Jungwirth

Students at Hoover Elementary come to the LMC on a weekly basis. Here they learn about how the library is organized, how to find materials they need, and how to do information research. The younger students learn about various types of literature through read-alouds, and usually have an activity to expand their enjoyment and understanding of the story.  In addition to enjoying literature, the older students are introduced to reference materials - both print and online, research skills, and problem-solving methods based on the Big 6 model.  For a complete list of library skills by grade level, click here.

In addition to books and reference materials, the LMC contains a 35 station computer lab and a 16 station mini-lab. The computer lab is used on a weekly schedule by classroom teachers, and many LMC lessons for third and fourth grades are also taught here.  The mini-lab is available for student use during library check-out time.  Students may use these computers to find books as well as play educational games and conduct information research.

The online catalog, with all the books in the library listed, as well as their availability status and location, also known as the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) can be accessed from home as well as from any computer in the school. 

Students may check out books on their library day, or at other times that classroom teachers allow them to visit. Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book for one week; second, third, and fourth grade students may check out two books for two weeks.  Older students may occasionally check out a third book for classroom projects.  Books are renewed as needed.

Overdue Books

Circulation records are maintained by an automated system that prints out overdue notices.  Overdue notices are sent home each month or more often if necessary.  When a book becomes more than 4 weeks overdue (6 weeks from the time of check-out), it is considered lost.  At this point, students may not check out any more materials until the missing book is returned or paid for.  Students may renew materials as often as needed (unless there is a wait list) to avoid issues with overdue books.

Book Care
 Students are responsible for caring for the materials they check out from the library and are given instruction in how to do so.  If an item is damaged beyond normal use, the student will be asked to pay the replacement cost.  

Library Website
Please visit my website for more detailed information about me, links to great learning websites on Kid Connections, book trailers, and the library program!  I'm looking forward to another great year at Hoover!

Ms. Jungwirth