Hoover Eco-Action Team
Posted on 09/30/2016
Hoover Eco-Action TeamThe Hoover Eco-Action Team has been hard at work implementing the Eco-Schools U.S.A. guidelines to become a green flag school with the National Wildlife Federation. Hoover has chosen 4 pathways to work on under these guidelines.  These include Energy, Consumption & Waste, Schoolyard Habitats, and Healthy Living.  We have already achieved a Bronze-level award with the NWF for our work on the Healthy Living pathway.

Our current efforts include recycling paper and mixed media as part of the Consumption and Waste pathway, and auditing our energy use.  Phase 1 plans for a butterfly garden were implemented in the spring.  We will be doing additional planting this fall.  In addition, plans for our outdoor classroom are underway!  

On a global note, Mrs. Skibinski and Mrs. Jungwirth are partnering with a school in Taiwan through the NWF's iEarn Eco-campus platform. The schools will be sharing their projects through photo essays.  The plan is to work on creating more biodiversity in our outdoor habitat.

The eco-action movement is a community effort that involves students, teachers, parents, and the greater community to create a sustainable future.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Shawn Grose at smgrose@yahoo.com.

To learn more about the NWF Eco-Schools program and the various pathways, please go the NWF website.

Our Eco-Action team has its own YouTube Channel as well! It is called the Hoover Eco-Action Team Channel.  Click here to view our latest videos:  Live From the Dumpster.