Winter Blast 2017 coming soon!
Posted on 01/13/2017



If you have started to hear the buzz, it’s true!

The Winter Blast team is forming their crew!


We’re gearing up for a terrific night.

With games and prizes…so much to delight!


Theme baskets will be filled, and raffled as prizes.

They’re overflowing with items (perfect for those of all shapes and sizes)!


So, don’t miss this event, come for dinner, play a game!

If you don’t get to the Winter Blast it will be such a shame!


Each classroom has been given a basket theme.  If possible, we’d like to encourage you to spend up to $5 for an item that fits the theme of your child’s classroom.  Please send the item to school with your child, and there will be a basket in each classroom to collect these items.  If you would rather send in a cash donation, we’d be happy to shop for items to include in the classroom baskets.    On the night of winter Blast you can purchase raffle tickets (pre-order is available, see future notifications) and put your ticket into the can of the basket(s) that you would like to try to win.  At the end of the night we pull a name from each can and announce the LUCKY WINNER!!!  You do not need to be present to win.

 Volunteers Needed!!

Please consider volunteering!  This is a very large event!  We have games that need supervising, a token store that needs volunteers and ticket sellers.  If you can help by lending a hand on the night of this event you will be a part of one of the best Hoover events yet!  You can sign up by going to:  or you can send the bottom portion back to school and we will find the perfect place for you!  Please consider any students grade 7 and up in your families to volunteer as well!!

If you have questions, contact:  Cathi Anderson, Winter Blast Chair  E-mail: