Communication System





  1. If you need to contact me, please feel free to call Ms. Holmes, our school secretary (744-2730) and leave a message, use the e-mail link on the homepage, or leave a voice mail. If you need an appointment we can schedule one. 
  2. There are phones in all of the classrooms. The children require much of my attention at this age. Time away from the students is limited; therefore, I generally can only check my messages/email during special classes for students. Please do not leave messages that require immediate attention on voice mail or e-mail. Call the office with things that will need immediate attention.
  3. Daily folders will be sent home on a regular basis. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME. On the left side of the folder you will find schoolwork or assignments that require student/parent attention that evening. On the right side, you will find any handouts or fliers or things that can be kept at home. If you have something (permission slips, notes or questions for me, book orders etc) to return to school, please slip it right in the front cover between the clear plastic cover and the folder.
  4. Classroom newsletters will be posted to this site regularly, usually weekly. It will have a consistent format so that you are able to watch for it each week.
  5. Parent/Teacher conferences will be held NovemberThere will be No School on Thursday or Friday of that week. There will be an open house on September 15, 2014 at which time PARENTS WILL SIGN UP FOR A CONFERENCE TIME IN THE GYM.
  6. Positive Phone Calls: I like to find opportunities when I can make a short call to you at work or home to praise your child. 

I appreciate your willingness to spend quality time with your child, investing in his/her education. Please be confident that I will do everything possible in the classroom to support those goals for your child and I hope to develop a close working partnership with you. I do ask that if you need to talk with me to avoid “dropping in” or stopping to conference at the back door at dismissal.  Students at this age require my full attention during classroom hours and at dismissal. My time without children is limited and I am often using it to prepare for the days lessons and an unscheduled conference during this time may interrupt and prevent us from following through on our plans. I am happy to meet with parents or have a phone conference; rather than lengthy emails that only offer one-way communication.  Please reserve email for a quick note, a heads-up, or a request for a meeting.


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