Daily Schedule







SCHOOL DAY SCHEDULE: The first bell rings at 8:49 a.m. It is important that your child be in line outside of the exterior door, by the North end playground, no earlier than 8:40. We welcome students into the building when the first bell rings. Students that are not in the classroom in a seat ready to learn by the second bell at 8:54 are marked late. (Late arrivals must check in at the welcome table or office). Lunch and recess are from 12:10 – 1:00. If your child leaves the building for lunch, he/she must return by 1:00 or he/she will be late. Dismissal is at 3:58. At the beginning of the year, first graders come home tired and worn out; it is a big adjustment.

DAILY SNACK: I would like to offer a small, simple, healthy mid-morning snack this year. Snack time will be approximately 10:15 a.m. All students that would like a snack, must bring their own individual snack. Appropriate snacks include: crackers, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, muffins, and dry cereal. Please do not send cookies, candy, or any dessert foods. They should be able to manage the snack independently. (No beverages please).   



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