Guided Reading





Students will be instructed at their own level on a regular basis. I will pull students away from literacy tubs to visit me at the guided reading table. Groups will fluctuate based on the needs students. Sometimes we select a book to work on a particular skill, other times we select a book because it is appropriate for this stage of development. At times, a group may meet to read a book because they all share something in common, for example a lost tooth. The program is designed to offer instruction at the child’s own developmental level, but as with the example with the lost tooth, there will be occasions where we deviate from this. The children will bring home the book we read together during guided reading to read to you again at home. Books will be sent home in a Ziplock bag. It is important to remember to return the book the next day so that other children can use it too. Please encourage your child to be accountable and have them get in the routine of putting it back in the backpack as soon as they finish it. It is important to allow your child to read this book to you. Research indicates that rereading helps develop fluency, expression, and comprehension.  It also allows them to practice decoding strategies with higher success, which builds a more confident reader.


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