Math Curriculum






Newsletters: This program includes regular newsletters to families. A letter will be sent home each time we begin a new unit. Please watch the back of it for the answers to all of the homework assignments for the unit. They are located at the front of the Homelink booklet.

Homelinks:  Part of this program includes a “Homelink,” which is a short homework assignment to reinforce work at school and is meant as a talking point between parent and child so that parents are aware of the topic covered that day.  The Homelink booklets are purple (and have the family newsletter for each unit at the front).  A grade is given on the report card for completing homelinks.  As long as all of the lessons are completed by the end of the unit credit will be given.  If your child is absent, be sure to do the homelink assignment for the days missed.  In an effort to help you recognize which assignment was given that day, the child will write the date on the top of the page that is assigned for that night's homework and circle the lesson number in the corner too. Your child is responsible for doing this, so praise them for doing it & reinforce doing it when it is not done correctly. When we complete the unit, I will send it home marked keep at home. 

Class Instruction: A large portion of this series is activity-based so attendance and participation play key roles in your child's development. This type of learning is difficult to replicate outside of the classroom. Therefore, participation and regular attendance make a difference in your child's progress.

Assessments: On each unit test there is a part A and B. Part is to evaluate the child to check for mastery of concepts that were taught in depth.  However, part B is meant to guide future instruction, rather than evaluating the child.  Part B gives me an idea of who grasps newer concepts that were presents and which students need extra reinforcement.  Mastery is not expected on part B and it is not part of your child's grade. Although the textbook series does not include a studyguide, we've created a studyguide for every unit.  It will be sent home about 3 days before a test. It is not an assignment. It is only meant to be a tool for you to use at home to help your child prepare for the test.  The studyguide does not need to be completed and returned.


MATH TUBS: In an effort to offer activity-based instruction that caters to individual needs, I have created multiple sets of math activities stored in tubs. Each set has 20 tubs. Each set covers a different core component of the math curriculum. The students work at their own pace to complete each tub.  The children really enjoy these activities. This instructional format offers opportunities for enrichment and further exploration when needed. The tubs also allow children to learn naturally because they are authentic.


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