Parent Guests At Hoover





PARENT PARTICIPATION: In addition to field tips, we are often in need of parent help in our classroom. If you are interested in offering your time and talents in school or at home, please put your name on the sign-up sheet. You can also include your availability and how you’re interested in helping out. ALL HELP IS TRULY APPRECIATED. All guests must check in at the office before visiting any part of the building. A guest is anyone who is not a student at Hoover; this includes parents and all other volunteers. If you need to drop off a lunch or any other items stop in at the new welcome table outside the office and drop off the item. The welcome table will be staffed everyday by a parent volunteer during the first part of the day. They will make sure the items are delivered. Later in the day items may be dropped in the office. Please do not drop in; this disrupts the routine and flow of instruction. The purpose of this policy extends beyond safety and security.   It is difficult for young children to concentrate and transition; getting back on track when the routine is disrupted is difficult and we have enough of our own disruptions to manage. See the handbook for more details.




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