Word Study And Sight Words


Word Study:  Word study chunks/patterns/sorts will be shared on Monday. During literacy stations a list will be practiced & is a way to gauge what the child already knows how to spell. This will provide parent and child with an idea of how the child is doing with that word family to focus study efforts. Spell Checks will be given on Friday along with a dictation sentence. A spell check will be on a particular word chunk and may not be exactly what the child sorted earlier in the week. (For example, the child may have sorted: fat, cat, bat, sat.  The spell check might include a few of these or a similar word like mat or that.) At the bottom of the spell check, children will write a dictation test that incorporates the word family and sight words assigned for the week. Dictation tests promote correct use of capitalization and punctuation and help to prepare children for district benchmark tests.

Sight Words: Rainbow word cards are high frequency words used in writing and speaking. Ten new sight words will be assigned each week.  Your child will need to be able to read and identify these words; they do not have to spell them. At the start of the first grade, your child is expected to recognize/read the 25 kindergarten sight words: a, am, an, and, at, can, do, go, he, I , in, is, it, like, me, my, no, on, see, so, the, to, up, we, & you.


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