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Children are our future.  They come to me from all walks of life, making them all very unique individuals.  I believe it is my responsibility to know and understand your children that are entrusted to my care and adjust my teaching to meet their needs.  I will provide an environment that stimulates all learning styles.  I believe this enables every child to attain their highest level of achievement.

welcome mat
Come Grow With Us!

Our school theme this year is "Come Grow With Us!"  Students and families will see images of plants, flowers and gardens that are  "growing together".  It is our hope that students will notice these images throughout the building and be inspired to become learners that will grow together in their classrooms, in the lunchroom and on the playground.

                            garden gate                                   

When the first graders come to our classroom they will see many flowers around our classroom.  They are on each locker, on the classroom door and on bulletin boards.  Many of the flowers will have student names on them.  I wonder how many times my 1st graders will find their names?



First Day of School

The first day of school is September 4th and is a half day.  The school day begins at 8:49. On half days we dismiss at 12:10. On full days dismissal is at 3:59. First graders will line up outside the doors on the north side of the building (door #9). There will be a sign with my name on it that students will line up behind into a girl's and boy's line. Students are not allowed to play on the playground equipment before the school day begins.

If families have already bought their school supplies, they may bring them on the 1st day.  Students are asked to make sure they have a soft pencil case, not the plastic box style.  These do not fit in our desks.  Some of the supplies will be kept in student desks and some of them will be stored for community use. A list of school supplies, by grade level, can be found on the Hoover home page.

On the 1st day, the youngest and only students from each family will be bringing home a packet of information and forms that need to be filled out at home and returned as soon as possible.  Please look for this packet in your child's backpack. The pink card will need to be signed on both sides in the bottom right corner and returned by September 7.

                                            parents & kids at school

Curriculum Night/Open House

On September 18, Hoover will have a Curriculum/Open House Night for families.  It is a very important night as I will be explaining your child's 1st grade year.  I will be explaining my expectations, our daily schedule, homework, lunch routines, parent/teacher communications and many other important topics. Please try your best to be here as it is difficult to convey so much information on an individual basis. The Curriculum portion of the evening for Kindergarten & 1st grade will be from 5:30-6:15 and is for parents only. During this time your child will be in the Multipurpose Room for a PTA sponsored assembly.  From 6:15-6:45 students will meet you in our classroom for the Open House portion of the night.
Classroom Updates from Room 31

I would like all my 1st grade families to sign up for my classroom updates.  You can do this by sending me an email using the link at the very bottom of this page.  It only takes a few minutes of your time.  I use this means of communication to email families every Sunday to give important information such as the curriculum being taught each week, projects, assignments, field trip info and other general information to save on paper.

Below are a few pictures to get a sneak-peak of our classroom:

Our classroom calendar where we will learn
 many ways to make numbers, time, money, weather and temperature.

guided reading table
This is our guided reading table where
we will learn to read and build words together.

student desks
This is where you will read, write and
explore 1st grade with your classmates.

come grow with us

You will see many of your writing pieces hanging on this bulletin board during the year.

summer readers

Our door to Room 31 celebrating summer readers from last year!


 Math facts help at home:

Addition Flash Cards

Timed Practice tests

Website math fact practice (see MyLinks)





"Each day, our mission at Hoover Elementary School is to provide a joyful and engaging environment, which inspires a love of learning."

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