Mrs. Larabell - 4th Grade

Welcome fourth grade families! 

Fourth grade is a fun place to be.  We will be learning many new things in all subject areas.   

The United States regions is the main focus of study in social studies.

In science, we have four units of study that include Energy Transfer, Living Organisms, States of Matter and the Solar System. We will be starting the year with the Living Organisms unit.  We will be observing Dwarf African frogs and insects that we collect for our classroom habitat.

We will also be learning new strategies in reading, writing and spelling.

In math, we use the Everyday Math program.

This year the fourth grade consists of three 
classes.   Mrs. Lipinski, Mrs. Skibinski and I will meet on a weekly basis to plan curriculum, field trips and parties to ensure that all fourth graders have a similar experience at Hoover.

I believe that children are successful in school when teachers and parents work together.  I encourage you to contact me with any information or concerns that have about your child.  You can reach me by email at  or by phone at 734-744-2730.


Mrs. Larabell - 4th Grade
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