About Your Teacher

About Your Teacher

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Eric, Chad, and Megan
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Tiger Lilysnakes
Romeo and Juliet
Sadie the Bearded Lady
Sadie the Bearded Ladypic
Dwarf African Frog

Dear Families,
         This is my sixteenth year teaching with Livonia Public Schools. I have taught fourth through eighth grades. I must admit fourth graders are the most fun! I received my
 Bachelor's Degree in Education at Wayne State University and my Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning at Madonna University. I am blessed with three children, all of whom have graduated from Churchill High School.

We have three dogs, Peeka, a crazy Shih Tzu, Boo, a Pekingese and ultimate lap dog, and our newest, Chloe, an Australian cattle dog, brittany, German shepherd, labrador retriever, hound mix (yes, she's a mutt). 
 Chloe is my walking partner on my long hikes at Maybury State Park and around the neighborhood. We also have a little mackerel tabby cat named Tiger Lily. She rules over all of the dogs.

      In addition, the Lipinski zoo has aquariums containing two corn snakes. One snake has a heart on its neck and is called Romeo. The other is an albino corn snake with red eyes, named Juliet. Another aquarium houses a bearded dragon, named Sadie the Bearded Lady. In a fourth aquarium we have two crested geckos. One named Groot and a baby, named Feckles (She has Dalmation markings.). They love to jump! In a final aquarium we have a baby Russian tortoise named Mosey. All of the animals in aquariums reside in my classroom during the school year. Our classroom also receives dwarf African frogs, guppies, and snails each fall as part of our science program.

       During the summer I enjoyed swimming, taught math at Camp Emerson, did some home improvement projects, relaxed Up North, kayaked, and visited family. I love reading, biking, walking, kayaking, and swimming. I have read over twenty-five books (and counting) this summer! Have you? Pick up a good book today and enjoy!
I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing some of your family and summer stories as well!


       Mrs. Lipinski 


Mrs. Lipinski - 4th Grade
Livonia Public Schools
Hoover Elementary School
15900 Levan Rd.
Livonia, MI 48154