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Math Practice
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Interactive math games, resources, and teaching strategies to learn basic facts.
Hooda Math
Math games, tutorials, worksheets, and movies.
Homework help, practice,tutoring, calculators, and games.
Free math worksheets of all kinds. Chose by level or mixed levels.
Arcademic Skill Builders
Build math skills with games over a large variety of content areas.
Math games and worksheets
Use this sight for a large variety of math resources to download.
Everyday Mathematics Resources
Extra Everyday Math Resources. Just change the "4" to any grade level to access other grade level resources.
Math Playground
Make worsheets, play games, and preactice math facts on this website.
Cool Math 4 Kids
This site has lessons on many math concepts including lattice and long division. There are many types of math practice and resources, as well as, math games. Print flash cards too!
Home School Math
Online Math Resources
Printable worksheets for a large variety of math skills, including flashcards, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tests, percents, and,ordering numbers.
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Reading Resources
A variety of reading resources
Order books online. Find names of books for your child at their "just right" levels through Scholastic.
Reading Rockets
Parent and Teacher reading resources.
Common Sense Media
Search all types of media (Books, video games, movies, etc.) click on the title and find out what all parents should know (educational value, violence, language, positive message, etc.)
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This site has games and practice across curriculum lines.

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