Requested Classroom Supplies

Ms. Skibinski's Requested Classroom Supplies

* Earbuds for use with our Chromebooks.  Please send these to school in a bag labeled with your child's first and last name.

*2 -1" binders with clear protective cover.  Please label the spine of each binder with your child's first and last name.

*2 pkgs. (5 count) page dividers for binders

* 1 pocket folder

* 1 Mead Composition notebook

* 1 pkg wide ruled notebook paper

* pencil bag to hold supplies  NO boxes please

* Small personal pencil sharpener that collects pencil shavings

* Colored pencils

*1 box of crayons (24 count)

*1 Checking pen (any color)

* 2 large glue sticks

* 4 pack of fat dry erase markers (low odor)

* 2 large erasers (white Pentel brand works best)

* 1 pair of scissors

* 4 different colors of highlighters

* 2 pkgs 2" X 2" sticky notes

*1 box sharpened #2 pencils  NO mechanical pencils please

* 1 deck of multiplication flash cards (can usually be found at the Dollar Tree)

If you are unable to supply these materials, please just let me know so that I can assist with supplies.

I always appreciate donations of Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer (with pump), Hand Soap, (with pump), disinfectant wipes and baby wipes.