Power Point Presentations

Power Point Presentations

Wonderful Water (Utah TLCF Presentation)
Butterfly Life Cycle, C. Pippin, Sweetwater City Schools
Animal Groups
Animals, Mary Cantwell
Matter, Shelee Clark
Weather, Shelee Clark
It Stinks!  Extinction, Brenda Teague, Rebecca Price
Journey of the Sea Turtle (Wild Team Presentation)

Survival of the Fittest (Wild Team Presentation)

Grade 3, Animal Groups, Sweetwater City Schools
Grade 3 Study of Plant Parts, Heath Hawkins, Sweetwater City Schools

Grades 3-4 Sun, Moon & Earth (Seaford School District Presentation)

Life of a Plant (Graves District)



Mrs. Christensen's Awesome 3rd Grade Class
Hoover Elementary
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Livonia, MI 48154