Birthday Treats

Birthday Treats:

Birthdays are an exciting time and are very important to children. Children will be recognized on their special day.  Because of allergies and food sensitivities, we ask that you do not send in home-baked goods, candy, or treats.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated!  You may choose to send in a trinket for the students to take home such as pencils, stickers, play dough, goodie bags, dollar store items, etc.  Another fun option is to donate a book to our classroom library where it can be enjoyed by all in honor of your child. Summer birthdays can be celebrated at the "half-birthday" or towards the end of the school year.

Birthday Invitations:

Invitations cannot be passed out in class unless the whole class is invited (school policy).  Please use the student directory if an address is needed.  This will help prevent hurt feelings.  Thank you!


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