Class Homework


Class Homework


Homelinks are completed every night.  Work must be completed by the students.

Answer keys are provided for parent use only.

Word Study 

New words are sent home every Friday.  Spell checks are on Fridays.

Bonus words are extra credit.  Students should be practicing their words

at home on a consistent basis throughout the week.



Students should be reading at home for a minumum of 15 - 20 minutes a day,

at least 5 days per week.


Mrs. Flak's Ten Homework Hints

1.  Take homework home in your folder.

2.  Plan a specific and consistent time to do your homework, study and read each day.

3.  Find a comfortable place to work and read.

4.  Have needed materials in your work area.

5.  Make sure you have good lighting.

6.  Ask a family member to review your completed work before returning it to your folder.

7.  Correct mistakes and write NEATLY!

8.  Work in a quiet spot (no phone, music, TV, pets)

9.  Always do your best work and think through what you learned in class.

10.  Return your work to your folder so you are ready for the next day.





Mrs. Flak
Livonia Public Schools