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Mrs. Mayne – Room 8

Classroom Procedures 2016-2017

Mail Folders – Mail folders must always be returned to school immediately the next day.  Check it each day for important notes and homework. Please send items such as notes, prepaid lunch envelopes, and completed homework to school in this folder.  This is how we send communication back and forth without the children losing it. J 

Daily Notebooks – Your child will be using a spiral notebook this year to keep you informed of what we do on a daily basis.  This is both an organizational tool for the students and a communication tool for us.  Please help your child understand they need to print neatly, write in complete sentences, and that you would like to talk about their day.  Please do not make them correct their work in this book, just encourage them to write more and more each day so you can learn about their school day. This book should come home each day with their Mail Folder, and should be signed by a parent or guardian and returned the next day.  I will use this book to write a short message if needed, and will look for notes from you.  This is an easy way for us to be in touch with daily communication and to watch them grow as a writer. Thank you for your support!

Healthy Snacks (Brain Food) – WE ARE A NUT FREE CLASSROOM. We will be very strict about what snacks will be allowed in our classroom. You may send a small morning snack to school with your child.  This is optional. Please mark the snack so they will know that it is not part of their lunch.  ONLY healthy snacks will be allowed such as raisins, pretzels, cheese, fruit (not packed in juice), or veggies. NO:  chips, candy, chocolate, cookies, etc., also, nothing with chocolate in it and nothing made in a peanut oil factory.  Students will be responsible for their own snack.  Do not send in “messy” snacks, because we want to protect our books and paperwork.  We will be having snack while students are reading and writing and we don’t want sticky or wet materials. Also, remember that this is 2nd grade, and we don’t want the students thinking they can leisurely snack all morning long and not get their work completed.

Supplies – Please refer to the 2nd Grade Supply List to see the suggested supplies we will be using in the classroom. Our class will utilize community supplies of  baggies, liquid soap, and tissues.

Recess – All students will have a recess at lunchtime, and they will have an afternoon recess.  Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  If the weather conditions permit us to go outside, ALL students will go outside.

Star of the Week  - During the school year each child will have the opportunity to be our Star of the Week.  Star of the Week provides your child the opportunity to be in the spotlight. Your child will have special privileges such as:

  • Completing and sharing a Star Student poster (sent home the Friday before)
  • Being our line leader for the week
  • Getting a special award

Classroom Behavior Proper behavior and manners will be expected in our classroom, on the playground, and in the school building.  Please reinforce with your child the importance of making good choices. 

Birthdays – We would love to celebrate your child’s birthday! If you do not wish for us to celebrate your child’s birthday, please send me a note. If your child would like to bring something special to share with the class she/he may bring pencils, erasers, pencils grips, etc. OR they could bring a special book to donate to the classroom library. NO CUPCAKES, OR FOOD OF ANY KIND!!

*** Please make sure that your child has the rest necessary for them to have a successful school day! J


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Common Core Expectations:

"I can" Math Poster
"I can" Language Poster
"I can" Speaking Poster
"I can" Reading Poster
"I can" Writing Poster