Welcome to 2nd Grade!

September 6, 2016

Dear Families,

Hi!  Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! My name is Mrs. Shari Mayne and I am your child’s second grade teacher.  I have more than twenty years of experience and a Master’s degree in Reading and Language Arts. I am also a District Literacy Leader and Common Core State Standards team member. This will be a year filled with learning and I am excited about the learning adventures that we will share.

I hope all of you enjoyed your summer! It always seems to pass too quickly for my family! My husband, Michael, will be stopping by throughout the year to help, and I hope the children have the opportunity to meet my children too! I have two sons, James and David. I have one daughter, Sara, and she is a 2nd grade teacher at Randolph Elementary in Livonia! I also have 3 step-grandchildren and one grandbaby!! My daughter, Sara, has a one year old named Oliver!

We are pleased to welcome Miss Miranda Joynt, from Central Michigan University, as our student teacher for the fall semester! She will be a great asset to our learning team.

There are many items being sent home for you to read. Any information that you need to send to school should be placed in their ORANGE MAIL FOLDER  and returned the next day.

Because of our commitment to providing each child with the best possible education, it is imperative that your child attends school regularly and arrives on time.  We will be involved in learning activities promptly at the beginning of the morning so the students will need to be here when we begin our day. Similarly, our literacy time will be in the morning and we ask that you do not make appointments to take your child out of school during the morning.

Wow, as always, this is a lot of information for the first letter to be sent home! Please feel free to send notes, emails, or call the office and leave a message. Please don’t leave voicemails because it is difficult to take time during the day to go to the phone.

I am looking forward to a fun-filled year working together with you and your child!


                                                                  Mrs. Mayne