Our school's recess program is geared to meet the needs of all our students.  The children are asked to make a selection from an official school Games Board.  The games on the Games Board are taught and reviewed on a regular basis in Physical Education class.  The Games Board hangs in each classroom of the school.

Each game calls for 2 to 8 players.  The children work in small teams in order to accomplish the following:
1. Children can manage the game on their own
2. Everyone gets equipment "touches"
3. More space to move
4. Children can remember who they are playing with

In addition, they are taught conflict resolution skills which are reinforced throughout the school year.
1. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors
- Use for: Who gets the ball?, Who gets the spot in line?, Making teams, etc.

2. Have a "Conference"
- Talk things out...use a level 2 voice
- If someone is bothering you do the following:
a. Tell the person to "please stop"
b. If he/she keeps bothering you then say "please stop or I will report you"  (almost always the person will stop)
c. If he/she keeps bothering you report the person to an adult

3. Call a "Do-Over"