Classroom Policies

Mrs. Cannell’s Classroom Information and Procedures 

Specials Schedule for 2017-2018

Monday:           Computer Lab    Tuesday:   Art

Wednesday:      LMC                     Thursday:  Music

Friday:  PE &Third Grade Mixer (fun activities with ALL the third graders)


Email (best method):  

School Office (for guaranteed same-day response):  734-744-2730, speak with office staff.

Old Fashioned Method:  Write a note and place it in your child’s Take-Home folder or planner.

Classroom News:  Classroom news will be group emailed. 

Conferences:  Parent Teacher conferences will be held in November.  If you would like to plan a meeting with me a different time, please schedule with me in advance.

Student Safety

All visitors need to check in at the office.  If you need to pick up your child early from school, check in with the office and your child will be called to meet you in the office.  In the mornings, students should line up outside the third grade door (door 12) on the south side of the school.  Please do not send kids before 8:45 in the morning or they will be waiting outside for awhile alone.

 Student Health

Students are reminded throughout the day to periodically wash their hands.  A small hand sanitizer for their lunch box and/or desk is helpful.  Please let the office know if your child has a contagious illness.  Currently, we have no students with food allergies.  


Absences should only occur when kids are sick or for an occasional special event.  Kids that are absent frequently have trouble keeping up with school work.  If your child is sick, please call the office to report the illness.  If your child is going to be absent for an extended amount of time, please let me and the office know in advance.  If your child is going to be absent due to any traumatic event (i.e. funeral, family issues, etc), please feel free to let me know so I can be sensitive to your child’s feelings.  If your child is home for more than 1 day and is well enough to complete some homework, please email me and tell me how you’d like me to send it (with a sibling, with a friend, left in the office, etc.)

Daily Snacks:  Third graders are allowed to enjoy a healthy snack sent from home each morning. Healthy snacks include (but are not limited to) snack crackers, fruit, veggies, healthy dips, hummus, breads, granola bars, fruit snacks, sandwiches, yogurt, cheese, etc.  Cookies and chips do not qualify as healthy snacks.  Currently, we have no students in our classroom that have food allergies so healthy snacks that contain nuts and dairy products are fine.  Thank you so much for sending in a daily, healthy snack!

Water Bottles are welcome (reusable bottles preferred):  Water bottles should be emptied, taken home and washed daily.  Please do not send in drinks other than water for the classroom. Thanks!

Birthday Celebrations: 
The Hoover community is promoting healthy eating habits and protecting our students with food allergies by allowing only non-edible birthday treats school-wide.  Students are not required to send in anything to celebrate their birthdays.  Some families like to send in something  to honor their child's birthday. In lieu of treats, students could bring a gift for the class to enjoy such as indoor recess games/toys, a book for the classroom library, art supplies, etc.  You are welcome to email me for suggestions when the time comes.  A student could also make a donation to a charity in honor of the class to celebrate his/her birthday. Students are welcome to bring in a token non-edible birthday favor for classmates such as stickers, pencils, school supplies, etc.  Please do not send in toy favors for students.  Toy favors often break and create great disappointment in addition to lots of distraction.  If you choose to send in a birthday favor or gift for the class, please contact me to schedule the date that works best for you and for the class.

Summer birthdays can be celebrated close to your child's half birthday or at the end of the year in June.  If you and your child would prefer to celebrate his/her half birthday, that is a great option.  When the half birthday rolls around, just contact me to schedule our class celebration.  Thanks!

Take-Home Folder

Folders will be sent home and returned daily.  Papers in the folder will be sorted by their pockets which are labeled:  “Return to School” and “Keep at Home”.  Please go through the folder daily after school with your child, discussing notes, papers and assignments.  Please make sure your child has packed the Take Home folder in their backpack to be returned to school the next morning.  It is an important part of our home-school connection.


A  Planner book will be sent home daily listing homework and things to remember to do/bring for the next day of school.  Please read the planner with your child, sign it and return it daily.  It is an important part of our home-school connection.    


20 minutes of reading almost daily:  Your child should read almost every day for 20 minutes or longer.  When your child completes his/her 20 minutes of reading, please record it in the planner with him/her by checking the light blue or grey skinny column by the Reading box and signing.  The minimal requirement for at-home reading for my class is four 20-minute sessions per week.

Math Home Links:  Math Home link books will be sent home with each math unit.  Home links are meant to be completed with some help from an adult at home.  Answers are found in the booklets.  Student Resource books are generally kept at school, but can be borrowed by your child at any time if requested.  If you are ever confused by the math homework, request that your child bring a Student Reference book home.  The EveryDay Math website is also very helpful for families.  I check email frequently after school so I may be able to help you with homework through email.

Math Facts:  Practicing multiplication facts is a regular homework assignment in third grade.  Kids are required to study the basic multiplication facts 4 times a week for 15 minute sessions with an adult (or patient, older sibling).  This homework should be recorded in planners when completed.

Word Work:  New word lists will come home weekly or biweekly to study for a Spell Checks.

Quizzes/Tests:   Study guides will go home to help you study with your child for upcoming quizzes/tests.

Unfinished Assignments:  I will work hard with your child to finish their schoolwork at school.  However, if they are unable to complete important assignments during the day, they may be sent home to finish.

Star Student
Each week we will feature one student as the “Star Student”.  A few weeks before your child is our “Star”, a blank star poster and a note informing you of his/her"Star Week" will be sent home.  Your child will need your help in completing their Star Poster to be returned the Monday of his/her special week.  Thanks for your help with the poster!

Classroom Behavior Management

Classroom behavior is shaped from the first day of school by clearly teaching the kids my expectations,  rules, routines and by providing lots of positive reinforcement.   Occasionally kids need to receive consequences for poor behavioral choices.   If a child makes a poor choice, he/she will receive a verbal reminder.  If he/she continues to make poor behavior choices, recess time will be lost in 5 minute increments.  If your child needs to be reminded about their behavior 4 or more times in one day, he/she will receive a note home for you to sign and return.  Hoover’s school-wide discipline/intervention system will also be implemented.

Volunteers Need for these Positions:

2 room parents to plan and help run holiday parties and any special events.        

A parent to do  an hour or two of misc. copying, laminating and/or cutting on a regular basis during the school day.  

A Book Order parent that would prepare the book orders with a due date on them, collect orders/checks, place orders online and bag/distribute orders when they are delivered. 

A parent that would wash the students’ tables after school. This would need to be a parent that picks his/her child up from school and has about 10 minutes to spare from 4:00 to 4:10.  This is an extra effort to keep classmates healthy all year long!

A parent or two who wouldn't mind sharpening a big bag of pencils for us over the weekend. 

Volunteer sign-up slips will be included in the Curriculum Night folder.  You can also volunteer in person, through email, etc. I will notify you if I have a volunteer job for you.  Thanks so much!

Classroom Donations

Families have already generously donated many items to our classroom.  We will even need more basic supplies as the year goes on.

Basic classroom donations needed throughout the year:

Facial Tissue                         Big bottles of Hand Sanitizer             Baby Wipes            
Black skinny felt tip pens    Clorox Wipes
pencil-top erasers

Student Supplies

Thank you for sending in the kids’ school supplies.  Other helpful supplies would be a little bottle of sanitizer for your child’s lunch box.  Also, placing a Chapstick in your child’s backpack and/or desk can provide a lot of relief for chapped lips, especially when the weather turns chilly.  A small, personal pencil sharpener with a catch for the shavings is a very helpful item for your child as well.  We do have a classroom sharpener, but it is noisy and breaks down frequently!

Thanks so much for your support!

Lisa Cannell