Learn About Your Teacher
Meet Mrs. Cowher

1.  Where did Mrs. Cowher go to high school?  Bishop Borgess High School in Dearborn Heights

2.  Where did Mrs. Cowher go to college?  U of M Dearborn

3.  Where did she get her Master's Degree?  Eastern Michigan

4.  How many kids does she have?  3 boys

5.  Where does Mrs. Cowher live?  Northville Township

6.  What does she like to do when she is not teaching? 

      Enjoy the outdoors, travel, and visit with family and friends

7.  How many years has she been teaching in Livonia?  30 years

8.  How many years has she been married?  30 years

9.  Does she have any brothers or sisters?  6 brothers and 3 sisters

10. What does she think is the best job in the world?

        Teaching at Hoover!!! 



Mrs. Cowher - Grade 3
Hoover Elementary
15900 Levan Rd.
Livonia, MI 48154