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Library Policies

Book Check-out & Renewals

Kindergarten and First Grade students may check out one book at a time.   Second, third, and fourth grade students may check out two books at a time. Occasionally, students may check out more books for research projects or as a reward. Second through Fourth Graders are encouraged to check out at least one “just right book."  Reading just-right books helps students become independent readers while also building vocabulary, reading stamina, and comprehension skills.  Second through fourth grade students may also check out magazines.

Books are automatically checked out for a period of two weeks before becoming overdue.  However, students are encouraged to bring their books to LMC each week to develop responsibility.  They can then renew books as long as nobody else is waiting to read them.  Returning books on time is important as other students are often waiting to check them out.  

Overdue Materials

Overdue notices are printed automatically by our computer system and will be sent home with students regularly.  Once a book is 4 weeks overdue, it is considered lost and needs to either be returned or paid for. Students with books more than 4 weeks overdue will not be allowed to check out new materials until taking care of the overdue book. If a student returns a book that was previously paid for during the current school year, the lost book fine will be refunded. 

Damaged Books

All students are given instruction in proper book care.  We discuss safe places to keep our books at home, not eating or drinking while reading library books, the importance of using a bookmark to mark our spot, etc.  Occasionally, accidents do happen and a book becomes damaged.  If the book is no longer usable and needs to be replaced, I may send home a note with the replacement information.  Most often this happens with books that have gotten wet.  One way to prevent this from happening in your child's backpack is to transport the books in a ziploc bag that always stays inside the backpack.